Truth of Beauty

As you may know, today is Mother's Day.

Unfortunately, mine lives too many miles away. I miss her terribly, all of the time.

The beautiful bond between mother and daughter is like nothing else on this earth. I often wonder where does one end and the other begin?

I was searching for an image for this post. One that could capture the truth of today. An honest sentiment. Something real.

I was ecstatic to stumble across the blog "Style and the City".

If my rusty high school French and google translate are even a little accurate, than I can tell you Style and the City is something special. I am grateful to have permission to use the image above.

Style and the City is a blog by French photographer, Kamel Lahmadi, someone who grew tired of societies status quo and quit his fancy magazine job to pursue something perhaps much more meaningful. He spends his days capturing the true beauty of every day people on the streets of Paris. To me, this is romantic, in all the right ways.

And it is important. The world is overwhelmed with manipulated images. Fabrications. Farces. How many times have you flipped through a glossy magazine to snap it closed, feeling like you are somehow less? It brings about an emptiness doesn't it?

Too often we assume there must be something off with ourselves. There isn't.

That uneasiness might be easily explained. The images we see as we turn page after page... on some level, we know, they are not true.

The man and the woman embracing in the advertisement, we know they are not in love. Not at all. It is in their eyes. They have only just met. The woman walking her dog along the Seine, her scarf and hair blowing in the breeze. She is probably allergic to animals and there is most likely at least one wind machine photoshopped out of the way.

There must be a better way. Could you imagine a magazine full of images like the one above? Selling us what is most important in life...




thank you very uch for liking my work, my street style ans fashion week stories from Paris or New York
but mots of all, thank you very much for sharing my values of humanizing fashion by showing that real life, real women are more beautiful than stars in magazines

keep on doing a great job with your blog



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