In Full Bloom

J'adore... this vintage brooch bridal bouquet. It makes me want to wed all over again.

Although I love black and white, this bouquet is even prettier in color. Take a peek here.

The designer, Amanda of Fantasy Florals in sunny California creates these stunning bouquets.

Amanda just returned from Europe where she will be working on bouquets for five brides.

It comes as no surprise that her work has been featured in the news as a hot new trend. I personally love the idea of using an inherited piece in the bouquet. Or, dividing the bouquet up, giving your nearest and dearest a tangible piece of the lovely day to take away with them. Memories are what matters most. Always.

And shhhh.... she also recently worked on a celebrity wedding in Napa. No, I didn't ask. And no, she didn't tell. I have to say I kind of like that about both of us! A little discretion never hurt anyone.

One day, if I ever own a boutique, a bouquet like this will definitely be in the window display.



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