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J'adore... the fact that I am literally sitting under an avalanche of books. All of them are about France by the way.

And somewhere in one of these heavy rectangles of reading euphoria there lives the prefect quote for this post. A line or two of text that I want to tell you about. It is absolutely brilliant. But I can't find it. I have searched for an hour. Page, upon page, upon page. Yes, it is one of those perfectly imperfect days.

Still, we will have to start somewhere. Eenie Meenie... ok, the book "All You Need to be Impossibly French" it is.

I like this one, a lot. It is not like the others. The author, Helena Frith Powell relocated from England to France. She is a straight shooter. She likes to tell it like it is. No sugar coating. You might want to brace yourself. For example, on page forty-nine...

Her dear friend James tells her that yet another difference between French and English or American women is that French women love to unwind in, here it comes, sexy underwear. As he puts it, on a Sunday morning, lounging around, an English or American girl would be in her tracksuit bottoms and hooded sweatshirt.

I think I would really hate him if he was not really right.

I'll admit it, I have been known to wear this stereotypical stateside uniform at least once or twice... okay, maybe even too many times to count.

In truth, I do not particularly take pleasure in putting on this ensemble. And one should feel good in what they wear. But what is a grown girl to do about it? I'll tell you what. Run. Do not walk. That is right, run directly to the Plum Pretty Sugar shop and blog. I promise you will love the idea of it.

I am not talking about Lingerie, this is even better, it is LOUNGERIE. Where comfort and beauty breathtakingly collide in a wonderful way that will have you wanting to wear it. Soft flowing robes, pretty tanks with matching pajama bottoms... practical and pretty.

The designer (who is incredibly delightful) says it best:

"Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie was borne from the idea of breezy happiness, cozy comfort and easy-living chic. Imagined in dreams, it features giftable, gorgeous silhouettes in whisper-soft fabric in enchanting garden of eden-inspired palettes."

I am over the moon for it all. But if I had to pick only one, I would most definitely give up my tracksuit bottoms and hooded sweatshirt for this... The Short Kimono in Darling Jardin Bleu. In fact, it might be hard to find a women on either side of the Atlantic who wouldn't.



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