Yours Always, Anthropologie

J'adore... Anthropologie always and forever.

Ok. It is an American company.
But in my defense, it does end in "ie"... and I could browse their store for hours. The colors, the patterns, the artistic displays, and of course, those lovely on location catalogs.

No-one can match them when it comes to getting the creative juices flowing. Rain, Snow, Sun... inspiration abounds every time I turn to them.

I found this scoop in an article by Kelly O'Reilly on the fashion forward ThreadNY blog. Thought you might like it too!

"Anthropologie has tapped French artist Nathalie Lété to create a limited-edition line of four cotton dresses and one skirt, which she'll debut in June with a live painting demonstration in the window of the Fifth Avenue.

Lété has already worked with Anthropologie on an in-store exhibition and housewares, but will mark her entree to garments with the handful of frocks for spring. True to the artist's signature youthful energy, the sundresses come splashed with ebullient floral, butterfly and octopus motifs, with cheeky accents sprinkled throughout like a ladybug lounging near a strap and more... "



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