Backwards in High Heels

J'adore... an intelligent, enlightening and even witty read.

I can currently be found on the couch devouring the book Backwards in High Heels. Here is a review.

I have mentioned here on my blog that I am taking an enormous leap of faith by endeavoring to write a book. A book of my very own. A little of it revolves around a rather romantic notion of France, but mostly it is about what it means to be a modern day woman, here, in America.

It is about the way we embrace the expectations of others, struggle with our own authenticity, relish our sisterhood, live the realities of love...

The thing is, writing is lonely work. I am an introvert, so I usually don't mind. However, every once in awhile every writer looks up and wonders if they have lost touch with what is happening around them. When this happens your stomach turns topsy turvy, you swallow hard and have to ask yourself the ultimate question. Will anyone out there relate to this?

By this I, of course, mean the thousands upon thousands of words I have dedicated hours upon hours of my life to. Yeah, it is only a little terrifying to think about... now that you mention it!

Well, anyway, that was my morning.

Needing to get out of the apartment I immediately found myself immersed in the most comforting place I know... the local bookstore. Such a creature of habit. In truth, I have been there so many times that I strongly believe, on some level, I have an internal map of the place. I could work there. Looking for Edith Wharton? Not a problem. According to my invisible catalog you can find her on the far right wall, second shelf from the bottom. As you might imagine, I get terribly upset when they rearrange things.

While I was aimlessly wandering about, I realized that today I went to the bookstore for an ounce of reassurance. I needed to know that the ideas I have been putting to the page will one day find a place in this world. I needed a sign. That is where the book Backwards in Heels: The Impossible Art of Being Female comes in. It practically fell off of the shelf and into my hands. And thank goodness it did. It is an international seller. Imagine that?! And it circles around some of the same thoughts and themes that my own writing has been dedicated to. And it does so with an effervescent, straightforward approach that is so very refreshing and uniquely it's own.

What a relief to know that I might not be that off the mark after all. Women out there are, in fact, concerned about these aspects of their lives. Honestly, I could care less about there being an actual market for my work. I am more concerned with there being a real, live, living, breathing need. A need for sharing ourselves, our lives, our common circumstances of time.

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