Le No MakeUp

J'adore... the natural, "le no makeup" look.

Except, of course, for the fact that it actually involves makeup, something I have never had any luck with.

Fate smiled on me the other day when PolkaDotGlam mentioned the book "5 Minute Face" by Carmindy in a recent post.

Yes, Carmindy is a little like Simone, Anais, Marie and maybe even Mona Lisa (who hangs out in the Louvre),
a last name is just not needed!

I flipped through the pages of 5 Minute Face and found that it is exactly what I have always wanted but could not find. She outlines the basics. Nothing over the top. The instructions
and illustrations are even easy to follow.

More importantly, with a light, artful touch she takes the stance of enhancing your already existing features vs. always focusing on what you feel is a flaw.

"I believe we must retrain our brains. Instead of searching for what is wrong, we need to focus on what is right - what we already possess that is beautiful. Women are constantly asking me questions like, "Carmindy, how do I make my lips look larger?" Meanwhile, the woman asking has the most extraordinary brown eyes I have ever seen...

Here is my philosophy: When it comes to makeup, I believe in using the right products in the right place to highlight your best features, instead of piling on products to re-create your face or hide perceived flaws.

I don't believe women are flawed or that there is any set standard of beauty..."

After a little more research, I found that Carmindy has created a natural, paraben free (my favorite!) cosmetic line. It is affordable and available at CVS or Drugstore.com - a true nod to France as most French women shop for such things at their local and fully stocked pharmacie.

I am eying up the luminizing face primer already. Oh, I almost forgot, Carmndy has free video tutorials available on her site. Ooh la la, isn't enough. I think I owe this woman my first born child. I have waited a long time for someone to make makeup accessible to me for every day.

PS - She has a newer book that just came out this spring called Crazy Busy Beautiful.

PSS - For those who are more advanced in the art of cosmetic application you may enjoy skimming through Makeup Makeovers by Robert Jones. He is known for creating looks that are girl-next-door-glam.



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